Company Policy

Metromet Engineering Co.W.L.L's policy is to identify the requirement of our clients/customers and to provide quality products and services, on time, at competitive market prices. We strive to exceed our customer‘s expectation by the use of innovative processes and products or materials that comply with all relevant standards and applicable laws.

Fully aware of the hazards involved in our Industry , Metromet Engineering Co.W.L.L will take every practicable means to provide and maintain a healthy work environment for all employees and will operate in a safe, efficient and profitable manner to prevent accidents, near misses, injury, ill health, material loss or property damage. We are also committed to provide a safe & healthy environment for others who may be affected or may come in contact with MECO.

MECO is committed to actively managing its operation to ensure continued customer satisfaction

In order to achieve our objectives, an in-house management system based on the requirements of ISO 9001:2015(Quality management Systems), ISO 14001:2015(Environment Management System) and ISO/DIS 45001 (Occupational health & safety management Systems) shall be maintained and developed to ensure continued satisfaction of this policy. It is important that every employee must have an understanding of the company’s commitment to quality, environment, health and safety. This commitment aids in the continual improvement of the in-house management system and also in the company’s efforts in obtaining an ISO certification.

This Policy is introduced and communicated to all our staff and is reviewed periodically to ensure its objective and progress.